Friday, December 7, 2007

Do You Think I'm Pretty?

I was leaving Home Depot the other day and pulled up to a busy street. I looked to my left for oncoming traffic and saw this woman walking toward me. I tried to ignore her, but there was too much traffic to peel away. She approached my car and so I politely opened my window. I assumed she was homeless and asking for money. Instead, she asked for a ride.

I watch too many movies and always assume the worst in a situation. I figured she had a gun, was going to kill me, take my purse and steal my car. I reluctantly agreed, praying the whole time that I was not making the mistake of my life. She asked me to drive her across the street to Denny's. She said she was in too much pain to walk that far.

The stench was potent. My nose burned. She spoke with a slur and obviously had some kind of mental illness. She talked about her life, asked me questions about mine and begged me to use her as my personal assistant for the day. It was very awkward. I was definitely out of my comfort zone.

I pulled up to Denny's and she asked me to come inside and have some coffee with her. I had a million errands to run, so I declined. I gave her some money and sent her on her way. Right before she got out of the car she said, "Do you think I'm pretty?" My instant thought was, "I'm so sorry, but no I don't." God quickly moved in and gave me HIS words to say instead of mine. I said, "Yes, I think you're pretty. God made you just like you are. You are perfect." She thanked me and left.

Looking back on this situation I'm wondering if I should have done more. Should I have taken her along on my errands? Should I have gotten some coffee with her? Part of me wonders if I missed out on a really cool experience; like God had a wonderful present for me and I chose not to open it. Another part of me thinks I did enough.

It's hard to figure out the will of God. I wish I could see him. I wish I could hear him audibly. It would make my life so much easier. Fortunately, God left us his Holy Spirit. Unfortunately he also left me the option of ignoring the Holy Spirit. I think the important thing is staying connected to God on a daily basis, so that my "Holy Spirit Radar" is up and running without technical difficulty.

So how's your "Holy Spirit Radar?" Is it fuzzy? Are you getting some interference? Do you chose to turn it on and off throughout your day?

My life is really busy. I bet yours is too. As a wife, mom and church planting wife I feel like my plate is full. So when God prompts me to act, sometimes I'm reluctant. Isn't it sad when we think our agenda is more important than God's?

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