Sunday, July 20, 2008

You're Nuts!!!!!

Vince had been talking about it for a few months. Everyday it was the same thing, "What do you think?" he'd ask. For the most part I was like, "Whatever! You're nuts, that's what I think!"

Overtime I began to see it differently. I saw with different eyes. I understood. As much as it didn't make sense, it made sense.

God, what are you doing? Why, God? Are you sure...?

He was sure.

And thus begins the next chapter in our lives. We're moving to Las Vegas to start a new church on the Las Vegas Strip. A church for people who work and live on the Strip.

Strippers...Gamblers...Alcoholics...Drug addicts...People infected with greed...

I can't really think of a better place, can you?

Welcome to Sin City!

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