Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Unsung Heroes!

Here's a recent picture of our launch team (about 6 people are missing). God is so cool for providing so many people who are sold out to the mission of Verve. These people are my heroes. Many of them have moved across the country, left jobs, homes and families to join us! Lots of them haven't found jobs or places to live yet.

As the leaders of this thing it's a little intimidating. These people have sacrificed so much to move here. I can't help but think about things like, "What if this church folds within a year? What if they move here and their life gets worse? What if they don't find jobs? And on and on..." Although these are thoughts I sometimes battle, they aren't true. God has called them here. They have followed God in obedience, not Vince or Jen. God will meet their needs. Verve is God's church, not ours.

We've already had people move here and either go back home or decide not to be part of Verve. This is really hard on me. I feel responsible and guilty (even though I have no reason to feel this way). I know God is in control. I can see that God had a plan for them moving here. And sometimes I can even see that He had a plan for moving them back.

I think the issue behind this is faith and trust. Do I trust God enough? Do I trust that God is working in these people's lives no matter what it might look like? Do I trust that He can use this as a positive experience, despite the sacrifice?

Would you do me a favor and pray for these unsung heroes? Thank you!

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