Monday, March 8, 2010



That's how I'm feeling! I am a detail-freak and it's killing me. I have lists upon lists upon lists. My brain is spinning!

We had our last launch team meetings yesterday and today (we do the same thing on Sunday morning and Monday night for people who work on the weekends). We've come so far as a group. In one sense it feels like we've been here forever and in another sense I don't feel ready; like we need more time.

Thoughts crept in today like, "What if no one shows up?" "How are we going to do this?" "What if we don't get the final OK from the city?" "What if...What if...What if..."

Marissa and I had a great talk on the way home from our launch team meeting. We were talking about Verve and she said, "I think most of the people will come later; once their friends tell them how awesome it is." I love her optimism and her lack of fear. I need to be more like her!

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