Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I got involved with a local strip club ministry in Vegas a few months ago. We meet once a month for a "packing party" where we put together goody bags for the strippers. We go to the strip club once a month for our outreach event. We go into the dressing room with flowers, decorations, food and gifts. It's been super cool to be involved. I am on the prayer team; we hang out in a van outside the strip club and pray while the team is inside the club. Starting this weekend I'll be part of the team that goes into the club. I am excited and hopeful and nervous. I was in the club once when I helped drop stuff off in the dressing room. It's a dark and depressing place. Would you pray that I'll be a light...that I'll make a difference in someone's life; that I will love unconditionally and that I will start to build relationships with these girls? Thanks!

Verve is going awesome! However, the building almost burned to the ground because of a fire in the electrical panel. Thankfully someone was there and smelled it...can you even imagine?!?!

Tonight I went to an Open House for Dawson's new Middle School. It was so surreal; my baby is going to Junior High...sob, sob, sniffle, sniffle!

Life is still insane, but there is a light at the end of tunnel! I'm actually looking forward to cleaning my house on a regular basis again!!! Wow...that was a crazy statement!

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