Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Update!

The weekend started with Vince throwing up all over the parking lot of the M Buffet. We had our date and apparently he ate something that didn't agree with him! My plan of sticking with side dishes and desserts is fool-proof. I highly recommend it!

The strip club outreach event went great. I went in with no motive or agenda; I just wanted to be myself and see how God would use me. I had some great conversations; I just listened as they talked and tried to make them feel comfortable. This kind of ministry is long-term; it's built on relationships and trust. It's not a ministry with lightening quick results. I'm in it for the long haul; I'm committed to these girls.

The club itself is dark and dreary. We spent most of our time in the dressing room. I met the "Mom" of the girls and the gift shop owner. Both were older women who have been working there for years. They seemed like sweet Grandmother types. Most of the girls were young, but there were some older women; they looked tired and sad. Every type of girl that you could imagine was represented: every size, shape and color.

I spent Saturday at a craft fair selling Pampered Chef. I'm developing relationships with the other vendors. We all travel to the same shows, so our paths cross frequently. Marissa spent the day with me and even wore her little apron...adorable!

At about 6:30pm limousines started pulling up right in front of my booth! Turns out Kenny Chesney was having a movie premier and I had the perfect booth location. Morgan Freeman (in the picture above), Reba, Matthew McConoughy (in the picture above in the gray hat), Jewel, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and others arrived one by one. It was fun; too bad no one bought any Pampered Chef! Ha!!

Church was great; Vince preached an awesome sermon on the movie, "Moulin Rouge." You could hear a pin drop while he preached. My co-worker came and brought a girl who works out at the gym. I'm so glad that God put me in that gym!

If you're going to the Exponential Conference have a blast! Make sure you take advantage of the Spouse's one of the rare conferences you can go to with your husband that has an entire program designed for you!

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